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Di Nolfo, Ennio (Hrsg.). Great Britain, France, Ge

Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy and the Origins of the EEC, 1952-1957

  • De Gruyter
  • 1992
  • Gebunden
  • 608 Seiten
  • ISBN 9783110121582
Herausgeber: Ennio Di Nolfo

Frontmatter -- Contents -- Introduction of the Editor -- Power in Europe? Introductory Remarks / Becker, Josef -- I. The Decision Makers in Foreign Affairs -- Overstretched and Overstrung: Eden, the Foreign Office and the Making of Policy / Adamthwaite, Anthony -- Aspects of the Suez Crisis / Warner, Geoffrey -- Decision Makers, Decisions and French Power / Girault, René -- The Alternative Prospect: The Plan for a Neutralized United Germany / Overesch, Manfred -- Italy and the Problems of "Power Politics" - From the EDC Failure to the Suez Crisis / Vigezzi, Brunello -- Introductory Remarks for the Debate / Schwarz, Hans-Peter -- II. The Economic

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Area -- Economic Aspects of British Perceptions of Power / Peden, George C. -- The French Alternative: Economic Power through the Empire or through Europe? / Frank, Robert -- Germany's Economic Revival in the 1950s. The Foreign Policy Perspective / Bührer, Werner / Schröder, Hans-Jürgen -- The Italian "Economic Miracle" Revisited: New Markets and American Technology / Zamagni, Vera -- Introductory Remarks for the Debate / Peden, George C. -- III. The Military Problems -- British Perceptions of Military Problems in the Fifties / Spiers, Edward -- Military Power in France 1954-1958 / Delmas, Jean -- Problems of West German Security Policy 1956-1959 / Messerschmidt, Manfred -- Italy between Atlantic Alliance and EDC, 1948-1955 / Varsori, Antonio -- Introductory Remarks to the Debate / Delmas, Jean -- IV. The Political Parties -- British Parties and the European Situation 1950-57 / Ceadel, Martin -- The Perception of French Power by the Political Forces / Berstein, Serge -- Views of the Foreign Policy Situation Among the CDU Leadership, 1945-57 / Becker, Winfried -- Western European and Atlantic Integration 1954-1958 as seen by the German Communists / Staritz, Dietrich -- The Italian Political Parties and Foreign Policy in the 1950s: DC, PSI, PCI, MSI / Colarizi, Simona -- In Search of Lost Power. The International Policies of the Italian Christian Democrat and Communist Parties in the Fifties / Galante, Severino -- Introductory Remarks to the Debate / Ullrich, Hartmut -- V. Public Opinion and the Cultural Sector -- Power, Propaganda and Public Opinion: The British Information Services and the Cold War, 1945-57 / Taylor, Philip M. -- Public Opinion and Perception of Power in France at the End of the Fourth Republic, (1954-1958) / Milza, Pierre -- Power and Awareness of Power in the Federal Republic of Germany 1953-1956/7: Perception of the Power Problem in Public Opinion / Müller, Klaus-Jürgen -- Italian Public Opinion and European Politics (1950-1956) / Rainero, Romain H. -- VI. Europe and the Origins of the EEC (from the Crisis of EDC to the Treaties of Rome through the Suez Crisis) -- Britain and Europe, 1950-1957 / Bullen, Roger -- Europe as a Cure for French Impotence? The Guy Mollet Government and the Negotiation of the Treaties of Rome / Guillen, Pierre -- "Firm with the West!" Elements of the International Orientation of West Germany in the Mid-1950s / Knipping, Franz -- "Power Politics": The Italian Pattern (1951-1957) / Nolfo, Ennio Di -- Introductory Remarks to the Debate / Poidevin, Raymond -- General Conclusion -- On the Power of Old and New Europe / Girault, René -- Abbreviations -- The Authors -- Other Publications -- Index of Names -- Backmatter

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