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Wagner, Joann. Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in Pigonia. Sir Pigglesworth Publishing, 2016.

Joann Wagner

Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in Pigonia

  • Sir Pigglesworth Publishing
  • 2016
  • Gebunden
  • 86 Seiten
  • ISBN 9781680550702

Learn how the royal scamp, Sir Pigglesworth, was thrust into the spotlight. The Queen only knights someone who has performed an act of bravery. What did Sir Pigglesworth do to earn that honor? Why did Queen Alexandra commission Sir Pigglesworth to be her emissary to the world? Why does he always wear goggles and a white scarf? What is his ancestry...where does his family come from? You will learn all the answers in Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in Pigonia. The story begins long, long ago...in 1802 when his great-great-great-great grandfather, the Grand Duke of Pigglesworth, was sent by the King to Pigonia, an island 3000 miles from London. After establishing a thriving colony on Pigonia, the Grand Duke left to move to New York. All of the pigs on Pigonia lived peacefully for the next 200 years...this is where our story really begins. Children will be delighted by this story that has pirates, mud monsters, turtle hopping on the beach and many more exciting adventures! They will especially love the colorful full-page illustrations in the book. 1st Place Winner in the 2016 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards in Children's Chapter Book category 1st Place Winner in the 2017 Texas Association Of Authors Children's Chapter Book category

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