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Star, Sarah. Bedtime Stories for Kids - Sleep Stories for Toddlers & Children to Help Them Fall Asleep and Relax, Overcome Anxiety and Learn Mindfulness (Ages 2-6). Sarah Star, 2020.

Sarah Star

Bedtime Stories for Kids

Sleep Stories for Toddlers & Children to Help Them Fall Asleep and Relax, Overcome Anxiety and Learn Mindfulness (Ages 2-6)
  • Sarah Star
  • 2020
  • Taschenbuch
  • 160 Seiten
  • ISBN 9781914027628

Does your child find it difficult to get a peaceful sleep at night? Does your child like to hear stories before sleep? Would you like your child to learn mindfulness skills that will allow them to thrive in life? If the answer is yes...so keep reading Enter into the world of fantasy, the mystery of science fiction or the misty memory of another life perhaps lived in a medieval town filled with Kings and Sorcerers...and Dragons! There is really nothing finer than a good story and that goes for little one's who need to fall asleep or big one's who can't stop worrying about a job or the bills. Every member of your family will love the stories contained in this book and it was tailored just for you. You won't find a better collection of stories in this dimension and that's a fact! Within these pages, we talk about the act of sleeping and its essential role in the human well being. Also, we go over what our minds do when gently slipping off to sleep and how our thoughts work while in the resting period. We show children in three different chronological age groups while showing the connection from each group to the next. In this book we offer delightful stories for children. The stories carry a general flair towards mindfulness and meditation to give kids the formula for a better life while entertaining them with interesting fictional characters. We begin our stories with an endearing and stimulating tale featuring the tiny dinosaur child who is a little girl called Teri. Teri was born the "runt" of the litter and therefore faces heavy resistance from her siblings as well as from her schoolmates. Her early life becomes quite challenging for the sweet little child. Near the end of the story, she overcomes this life-given handicap by digging out an old book her mother had read to the children when they were toddlers. It was the teachings of mindfulness and meditation and it was called "Tranquility."Will the King ever find his missing wife? Does Willy ever return from his scuba dive into the Dragons lair? Will Cherry Jones ever decide which of her two worlds she likes the best? Does Bo's wife ever

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learn that he has been time traveling while she sleeps? How do Hank and the Dog Squad evade the dog catcher? Will their luck hold out? Does Skipper ever learn what life on the outside is really like and will he ever be loved? Finally, does Ari's strict Father ever learn that his daughter has been transformed into a real girl with real legs and will she stay with her new human man? To find out, you must pick up this great new book and listen to it with your kids, to your neighbors kids or to your entire family. Every story here will take you on a magical mystical adventure to somewhere you have never been before. To lands under the sea and somewhere way back before your time. The stories have substance and character that will make you laugh and cry. These are stories that can be read over and over again for generations to come. Get a copy as a gift for someone you love. Stories for everyone! Download now and learn all about this and more. Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Now button

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