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Attaway, Kenny. Black Cream - A Handful of Sky & a Pocketful of Confetti Novel. AuthorHouse, 2017.

Kenny Attaway

Black Cream

A Handful of Sky & a Pocketful of Confetti Novel
  • AuthorHouse
  • 2017
  • 348 Seiten
  • ISBN 9781546217558

Black Cream is a straightforward, honest, and relentless memoir chronicling the life and times of Kareem Parker, a.k.a. Black Cream. For all his childhood and early adulthood, Cream battled self-esteem issues, bouts with anxiety, mother-son battles with his mother and her various boyfriends, skin complexion complexities, and ongoing battles with wanting/needing a true father figure; this battle of coexists with his mother's battle to find true love from a man. Throughout his early years of two years old up until sixteen to seventeen, he not only battled his problems and shortcomings but became a battering ram and sometimes an "unwanted distraction" to his mother's various boyfriends/paramours that misled and abused him and his mother. Later in his midteens, he finally found peace and love within but only for it to be shattered again by an ugly truth held by his mother, which leaves his newfound peace not only

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broken but spiraling out of control. It's never easy when the most precious thing you are attempting to help/protect is hurting you. Black Cream stirs the pots of humanity and injustices many young black boys cope with without a father or without a positive father figure in their lives. Black Cream stirs the pots of hopelessness and abandonment and pain when they are left alone and must fend for themselves, being given the awkward task of defending themselves even when their mom is present. And Black Cream stirs the pot of molestation, systematic dependency, ongoing broken relationships, drug dependency, self-hate. Black Cream explores how cycles of the broken-boy syndrome begin and how it can continue to plague into manhood due to failed ingredients. Penned with a poetic pen, conscience mind, and honest heart, Black Cream in various ways tells the story of many other creams that experience the same pain and torment without ever having light or confetti thrown over their stories. It is penned with an honest flair with bright drips of imagination and honest art. Then without further ado, I present to you Black Cream. May peace, happiness, and LUV reign on you confetti style. This is your moment, but share it with those that need it most.

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