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Jeon, Paul S.. 1 Timothy, Volume 1. Pickwick Publications, 2017.

Paul S. Jeon

1 Timothy, Volume 1

  • Pickwick Publications
  • 2017
  • Taschenbuch
  • 250 Seiten
  • ISBN 9781532602412

One of the most controversial documents in the New Testament among modern scholarship today, 1 Timothy has been under close scrutiny from a literary and content perspective. From claims that the historic Paul did not author the letter, to the most pointed views that 1 Timothy is a misogynistic affront to women, there is no lack of excitement surrounding this ancient document. Incorporating the most recent advancements in New Testament scholarship, Jeon examines the letter from the perspective of its first-century audience. With meticulous precision, Jeon explains the rhetorical use of chiasms in the letter as the deliberate structuring device for its oral performance in the

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first century. Even more, Jeon shows how the use of chiasms in 1 Timothy impact its audience, shaping and informing their comprehension of the content and their intended response by the author. In refreshing fashion, Jeon's analysis invites and enables a modern audience in the twenty-first century to inch closer to hearing the performance of 1 Timothy and experiencing the author's presence from nearly two thousand years ago. ""In his first volume of this detailed commentary on 1 Timothy, Jeon provides a dutiful close reading of 1:1--2:15 with attention to the letter's performance and the audience's reception. His overall structure of the letter and treatment of its units' chiastic structure offers many insights and benefits for scholars of 1 Timothy, and pastors will find excellent material for preaching on the church's mission and their own charge to lead within God's household."" --Timothy Milinovich, Associate Professor of Theology, Director of Catholic Studies, Dominican University ""Jeon's careful attention to the linguistic and literary contours of the text enhances his exposition of this pastoral epistle and reveals fresh insights into the structure of the argument. Taken as a whole, this multi-volume series represents a significant contribution to the study of 1 Timothy."" --John Scott Redd, Jr., President and Associate Professor of Old Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C. Paul S. Jeon is visiting professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary (DC), an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church in America, and lead pastor of NewCity Church. He is also the author of several books.

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